E.J. Dubinsky

E.J. is a manager on the Educator Supports team and leads the programming that is core to The Fund’s mission. Directly supporting school leaders, this includes Leadership Bridge, our Design Suite of programming, Community Toolkit cohort, Pipeline Partners Council, and pilot work. 

E.J. graduated from Valparaiso University in 2018 with a degree in accounting before joining Teach For America. Drawn to education because of his family’s history in the classroom and its impact on his life, he spent three years as a middle school math educator in Cleveland, Ohio, near his hometown. After leaving the classroom, E.J. worked with Teach For America in the Indiana and Ohio regions to recruit passionate, social justice-oriented teachers from top state and private schools to Indianapolis to help mitigate their teacher shortage following the pandemic. 

Outside of the office, E.J. enjoys rock climbing, hiking, exploring music, and finding a good coffee shop to relax in.

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