Elisabethe Ocon Calderon

As the Senior Manager of Partnership, Elisabethe provides guidance on The Fund’s objectives to diversify the principal pipeline, enhance principal satisfaction, and increase the number of effective school leaders in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

She is a first-generation Latinx college student, so advocating and pursuing educational equity has been a long-term commitment of hers. A CPS alum and Chicago Southside native, Elisabethe wanted to pursue a role in education where she could serve and elevate educational change for our BIPOC communities and students. She graduated from Illinois College with a B.S. in communications and rhetorical studies and a Master of Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. Elisabethe has joined various fellowship programs that have provided her with the guidance and voice to elevate educational equity throughout the city and state. 

Elisabethe began her time in education through Teach for America in 2018. In the last 6 years, she has supported diverse-learning students and families in CPS. Elisabethe was a high school special education teacher and administrator. As a special education teacher, she has co-created a curriculum focused on culturally relevant pedagogy that acknowledges students’ stories, voices, and experiences. Her goal is for students to take their stories beyond the classroom and push the boundaries set by our education system. As an option network administrator, she oversaw systems and processes for the English language program, special education, and multi-tiered supports.  

Elisabethe is passionate about educational equity, restorative justice practices, and challenging oppressive systems. During her free time, she enjoys time at home with her family, learning how to cook, and learning about home renovations. 

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