Federico Sanchez

As an Associate of Operations, Federico manages The Fund’s technology and its external relationships with vendors and service providers to ensure efficient and effective operations across all teams and The Fund as a whole. He also helps oversee the accounts payable and budgeting processes.

Federico attended Concordia University Chicago, majoring in natural sciences with a focus on geology and biology. He maintains his passion for environmental sciences and continues to advocate for the reversal of global deforestation, focusing on the impact it has had in Borneo on the critically endangered Bornean orangutan. Born in Chicago and raised in Pilsen, Federico supports The Fund’s mission to improve Chicago Public Schools, believing education is the key to better and safer communities.

Outside of work, Federico enjoys making films with old cinema cameras as well as watching them. He also enjoys concerts, working out, taking his dog to nature preserves, and catching up on a Bornean orangutan he virtually adopted, named Budi.

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