Lawndale News Highlights #PrincipalPrideCHI Campaign

Principal Pride Campaign Launches in Chicago

  Great public schools require great leadership, and across the city, Chicago’s public school principals are making a difference. To celebrate their work, in conjunction with National Principal Appreciation Week (October 16-22), The Chicago Public Education Fund (The Fund) and Chicago Public Schools have partnered to launch a principal appreciation campaign to spur support of our city’s Principals. “Principals are the CEOs of their schools, and so much more – and they’re one of the key reasons that Chicago students are doing better than ever,” said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. “As a former principal, I know just how demanding and complex it is to be a school leader- and at the same time, how much principals are driving the improvements we’re seeing for all of Chicago’s students,” said Dr. Janice K. Jackson, chief education officer, Chicago Public Schools. “We are deeply grateful for CPS principals’ continued leadership and for their steadfast commitment to providing the highest quality education for every child, in every neighborhood.” The #PrincipalPrideCHI campaign will celebrate the work of outstanding principals across the city. Anyone is invited to participate by:  
  • Thanking local principals via social media with a Facebook or Twitter message using the hashtag #PrincipalPrideCHI.
  • Submitting a short video thanking a principal – The Fund will feature videos online at and on its social media channels.
  • Signing a digital ‘thank you’ card by texting “principal” to 39492 or visiting that all of Chicago’s public school principals will receive at the end of the campaign.
The Chicago Public Education Fund (The Fund) is a nonprofit organization working to increase the number of great public schools in Chicago by supporting talented principals and enabling effective educator teams to reinvent classroom learning. To learn more, visit See the original article here.

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