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Being an LSC member comes with a lot of responsibilities. Several resources exist to guide LSC members through some of the trickier parts of overseeing a school. 

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Principal Hiring

In addition, Chicago Public Schools’ Office of LSC Relations provides LSC members with a Resource Guide (in English and Spanish), which has an in-depth explanation of the principal hiring process.

School Budgets

You can find additional information about how the district funds schools in our video FAQ, the Resident’s Guide to the Budget (in English and Spanish) and The Fund’s recently released report, Equity and School Funding in Chicago Public Schools.

Communication Toolkit

Communication is the key to building strong relationships. This toolkit, created with the 2020-21 LSC Focus Group, provides guides and suggestions for LSC members who want to strengthen communication with their LSC and the broader school community. The toolkit includes a set of best practices, tips on how to create language-inclusive meetings, and a goal-setting worksheet. 

Community Engagement

LSC members often serve as a bridge between a school and its community. This culture and climate assessment (English and Spanish) and facilitation guide (English and Spanish) were created by an LSC member and provide a road map for LSC members who want to bring together school staff, students, parents and caretakers to talk about ways to create a more welcoming and nurturing school environment.

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