Teacher Residency and Internship Program

The Teacher Residency and Internship Program (TRIP), formerly known as Summer Fellows, attracted the best and brightest education majors from around the nation to Chicago well in advance of the typical recruiting and hiring season. These talented pre-service teachers worked in district summer school programs and received mentoring and professional development from National Board Certified (NBC) Teachers. Teaching Residents and Interns explored Chicago’s neighborhoods and cultural resources through educator field trips and workshops, bringing new lesson plans and ideas back to the classroom. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) continued to work with Teaching Residents and Interns beyond the summer, as alumni completed their certification and graduation requirements and begin their CPS job search.
  • More than 700 pre-service teachers participated in TRIP, assisting in the instruction of more than 7,000 summer school students living on the city’s South and West sides.
  • Over 100 program alumni teach full time in CPS.
  • CPS incorporated elements of TRIP into its new teacher hiring and student-teaching programs and strategies.

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