The Grow Network

The Grow Network (Grow) is a national leader in assessment reporting and data-driven decision making. The Fund provided capital to help launch Grow in Chicago. In close partnership with The Fund and CPS, Grow implemented a system of integrated print reports, web tools, instructional materials and professional development. This system greatly helped educators and parents make sense of the results of large-scale assessments and provided tools for action. The Fund’s investment also helped launch an intensive professional development program in a subset of schools that featured clusters of Fund-supported teachers and school leaders focused on using data to improve teaching and learning.
  • Provided clear, actionable assessment data to the teachers and families of more than 200,000 students across CPS.
  • Intensive PD program in 13 schools.
  • Data from the Consortium on Chicago School Research indicated that more than 50 percent of CPS teachers and more than75 percent of CPS principals used Grow regularly, and they considered it very helpful in setting classroom priorities and tailoring instruction to individual student needs.

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