Why is Being a Principal the Best Job?

We interviewed Chicago Public Schools principals to dig deep and find out why they think being a principal is the best job for them. Here’s what they said…

“It’s a culmination of a lifetime of experiences coming together and manifesting in a way that impacts others.” – Anna Pavichevich, Amundsen High School

“The work I do impacts kids, families and teachers. I get to see all these groups grow and be successful. I love coming to work every day because of it.” – Nicole Milberg, Mitchell Elementary School

“I dedicate my life to children and this was just my next step. I started as a day camp counselor when I was twelve and now I am a principal: A line of devoting my life to children.” – Dawn Caetta, John H. Kinzie Elementary School

“I am in service to this community, teachers, parents and students. I get to provide them with the things that they need to make them happy at school. That just feels empowering and gives me a purpose!” – Carol Devens-Falk, Daniel J. Corkery Elementary School

“It’s highly rewarding and I know in my heart that I am making a difference with my children, parents, faculty and community.” – Jerry Travlos, Smyser Elementary School

“Right now, I am very passionate about the life and experiences of teachers in urban education.  If I was doing anything else, I don’t know if I’d be able to operate at a high level. My heart right now is about making sure we can build a sustainable school for my teachers and for our students. I’m so very grateful to be in this place in my life where I can have this kind of role, give my all and learn from the best people in this country.” – Jennifer Reid, Rauner College Prep

“Providing a solid education for all students is, in my opinion, the greatest civil rights issue of our time. That’s something that I’m most passionate about. I think it’s so easy for people to write it off or think it’s the teacher’s problem, but it’s everyone’s problem.” Melissa Sweazy, UCSN Esmeralda Santiago

“I am able to have an impact in a different way. It might not have as deep of relationships as [teachers] may have with students, but you see your impact in a broader sense.” – Joanne Tanner, UCSN Carlos Fuentes

“It gives me the opportunity to make a profound impact on students, families and staff in ways that are meaningful and have potential to be transformative for all of those folks.” – Josh Emmett, CICS Northtown

“Being able to have an impact on children and have a dramatic effect on their future makes it worth it. Despite all the challenges I have with parents or staff members, at the end of the day, the reason I am here is the kids and that what keeps me going.” – Juan Gutierrez, Patrick Henry Elementary School

“I love being the principal, it’s a great job. I think it’s the variety of the work that makes it so exciting. I deal with everything from the minutia of getting the traffic flow right in the mornings to the strategic things of how fast we should grow and how are we budgeting for the future.  ” – Melissa Zaikos, Intrinsic Schools

“It’s a time where we really need to step up and be leaders for our schools. It is really a call to action for all of us right now.” – Rick Trujillo, James Monroe Elementary School

“I like the ability to impact so many people. I think I can impact kids, parents and teachers and bring them all together into one cohesive school community. This has been really powerful for me. I don’t want to be the center of that, I want to be a part of that. ” – Lauren Albani, Lasalle II Magnet School

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