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08.18.2017  |  

Consistency as a Catalyst for Change

Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn likes good things to stay the same. Since Catalyst Circle Rock opened its doors 11 years ago, Elizabeth has served as a teacher and the Director of Instruction….

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07.28.2017  |  

The Power of Principals: Pulling Schools Out of Probation

Every year, each Chicago public school is measured on its performance to determine academic standing. District schools are rated on criteria such as test results, course offerings, dropout rates and attendance….

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07.14.2017  |  

Programs & Partnerships in Chicago’s Public Schools

Many principals look to the city of Chicago as a resource by using local organizations to establish programs in their schools. “As a principal and leader within this learning community…

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07.07.2017  |  ,

It’s Time for Some Good News

With all of the stories covering CPS’ challenging year, it would be easy to forget how hard Chicago’s education professionals have been working to keep our children moving forward, and…

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06.30.2017  |  ,

A Goode Principal and Graduation to Celebrate

Principal Armando Rodriguez has always been a teacher. As a child growing up in Mexico, he used the bulletin board in his home as a blackboard for instructing his friends….

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06.23.2017  |  ,

Tell Us Your Stories from the 2016-17 School Year

The students are gone, but the work of education remains, and we’re all still processing the lessons of the last school year. Here in Chicago – like much of the…

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06.16.2017  |  

The Chicago Principal Partnership’s First Town Hall!

  Last week, The Chicago Principal Partnership hosted its first Town Hall to hear directly from principals, principal residents and partners committed to principal quality about the tools needed to…

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06.09.2017  |  

Summer PD Opportunities for Educators

Navigating the many professional development options for educators over summer vacation – not to mention throughout the school year! – can can be daunting. We looked over the Illinois Education…

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Protecting Chicago’s Competitive Advantage: Its Principals

Chicago Public Schools principals benefit from significantly more autonomy than their peers in both other large urban districts nationally and other public school districts in Illinois. A combination of state…

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