REACH Workshop

March 22, 2016

Last night, The Fund hosted our first-ever REACH Workshop in conjunction with the release of our latest brief, Voices from the Field. The brief addresses the need for more flexibility and support in implementing REACH. It also builds upon our recommendations from our 2015 school leadership report, Chicago’s Fight to Keep Top PrincipalsView the complete brief here.

The workshop was designed to be both practical and fun! Principals and teachers got a chance to try out new strategies that can help them redesign how REACH is implemented in their school context.

The workshop had three objectives:

  • Use empathy to define a clear challenge;
  • Brainstorm one concrete idea to test by the end of the school year; and
  • Identify an educator ally at a different school with whom each educator can collaborate and problem-solve around implementing a REACH solution.


We also heard from four school leaders who maximize the full potential of REACH and are featured in Voices from the Field. A special thank you to:

  • Brian Metcalf – Principal of Gage Park High School
  • Mariel Laureano – Principal of Prieto Math and Science
  • Gerardo Arriaga – Principal of Tonti Elementary School
  • Carolyn Eggert – Principal of DeVry Academy High School


It was an engaging and exciting evening, and we want to sincerely thank all the educators who took time out of their busy schedules to join us. Check out photos from the workshop and additional resources below!



  • Thanks to third grade teacher from W.H. Brown Elementary School, Colleen McGinley, for sharing the link to the CPS Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center contains resources for principals and teachers on all aspects of REACH. In particular, Colleen highlighted how the teacher-created resources developed by Frameworks Specialists like herself, have had a positive impact on her teaching practice. CPS school leaders, teachers and staff can check explore the Knowledge Center.Note: The link will only work for CPS school leaders, teachers and staff.
  • George Muller, a social science teacher at Dunbar High School, shared a policy brief he co-authored on REACH during his Teach Plus Fellowship. The brief, titled REACH 2.0: Incorporating Peer Feedback and Peer Evaluation can be used by both school leaders and teachers to rethink what’s possible with REACH. Check it out the brief here!