Educator Advisory Committee

The Fund remains committed to our belief that great principals and teachers are the key to creating classrooms and schools that help all children succeed. In early 2013, we created the Educator Advisory Committee (EAC) in order to provide principal and teacher leaders with the opportunity to work together around the complex challenges facing schools in Chicago. Building upon a successful 2013 EAC, The Fund expanded the cohort in 2014 to include principals and teachers from both district and charter schools. In 2015, The Fund made a strategic shift to include solely school leaders on the EAC.

To help us reach our goal of making Chicago the best city to lead a public school, the 2016 cohort is comprised of district and charter principals, assistant principals and school leaders from diverse public schools from across Chicago, all of whom share a commitment to accelerating student learning in both their classrooms and schools.

Steven Rouse

Carver Military Academy

Tiffany Phinn

John Whistler Elementary School

Jessica Reisner

Tarkington School of Excellence

Terrycita Perry

Arthur Dixon Elementary School

Susan Fila

Ombudsman Educational Services

Javier Arriola-Lopez

Rachel Carson Elementary School

Robert Croston

Jenner Academy of the Arts

Vincent Gay

Baker College Prep

Sydney J. Golliday

John B. Drake Elementary School

Suzanne V. Mazenis-Luzzi

Jungman Elementary School

Michelle Trojan

Intrinsic Schools

Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn

Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School

Carolyn Jones

Perkins Bass Elementary School

Kerry Leuschel

George Westinghouse College Prep

Evelyn Román

Avondale-Logandale School

Hiliana León

Albany Park Multicultural Academy

James Clarke

Multicultural Academy of Scholarship (MAS) High School

Megan Thole

Ray Elementary

Kate Kane

Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School

Linnea Garrett

Chicago Tech Academy High School

Mary Beck

Nicholas Senn High School

Mellodie L. Brown

Sherman School of Excellence

Alene Mason

Scott Joplin Elementary School

Raquel Saucedo

Salmon P. Chase Elementary School

Brandy Woodard

Perspectives IIT Math and Science Academy