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April 4, 2021 20th Anniversary Blog

AP Shirley Roberson Believes All True Learning Comes Through Change

In this #20thAnniversary blog post, The Fund profiles Shirley Roberson, who serves as an assistant principal at Carnegie Elementary.

We examine Roberson's inspiring journey to becoming an administrator, and how she has affected change through encouraging teacher professional development and championing student remote and hybrid learning. #APsRock

April 4, 2021 20th Anniversary

AP Kristi Eilers Wants Amundsen High to Become a Neighborhood School of Choice

In this #20thAnniversary blog post, The Fund talks with Kristi Eilers, who serves as an assistant principal at Amundsen High School.

AP Eilers shared with us her personal vision for transforming Amundsen into a school of choice through high quality educational experiences, positive relationships with students and staff, and community partnerships. #APsRock

March 4, 2021 20th Anniversary Blog

As a Scheduling Partner, Tegy Empowers Students and Educators To Reimagine Schools

For this #20thAnniversary blog post, we talked with CEO Furman Brown and Professional Learning Director Karen Derrick-Davis from our strategic scheduling partner, Tegy. They shared how they work with schools to empower students and teachers through reimagining their schedules.

”By thinking differently about how to approach scheduling, every school can accomplish more with their existing resources than they imagined possible.”

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