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What Excites You About the Future of Education?

Education is an ever-changing entity. There are new policies, innovations and iterations to curriculum and techniques to improve student success. We interviewed Chicago principals and heard what excites them about the future of…

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Why is Being a Principal the Best Job?

We interviewed Chicago Public Schools principals to dig deep and find out why they think being a principal is the best job for them. Here’s what they said… “It’s a…

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12.23.2016  |  

Wrapping up 2016

Dear Friends of The Fund, In 2016, we resolved to make Chicago the best city in the country to lead a public school. While we’re not quite there yet, we…

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Healthy Habits for Students and School Leaders

Within two months of Dr. Lauren Albani’s first principalship, her school was designated as underutilized and ultimately selected for closure. She was a young, new principal facing a school closure,…

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Day in the Life with Principal Dawn Caetta

Principal Dawn Caetta of Kinzie Elementary School dedicates her life to ensuring that every student gets the opportunity to learn. At a young age, Dawn began her career as a…

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Q&A with Principal Erin Roche

After working as a teacher, Erin Roche felt that he could do more as an administrator to improve local school leadership. As Prescott Magnet Cluster School’s principal, he sees the…

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Including Parents in a Child’s Educational Journey

For Principal LaTarsha Green, Marquette Elementary School is more than just a workplace. “[The school] is really an extension of who I am and who I want to be,” she…

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11.04.2016  |  

Thinking Outside the Box

At Hawthorne Elementary, a principal on the roof is not an uncommon sight to see. Principal Nate Pietrini, a former Fund Educator Advisory Committee member, is known for his unconventional…

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Working Together to Make Schools Great: Principal-led Professional Learning Communities

Melissa Zaikos has an impressive leadership resume: before becoming principal, CEO and founder of Intrinsic Schools, Melissa served as a CPS Network Chief and as the head of the Autonomous…

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