Principal Placement

Amount: $25,000 (and staff time)

Fund: 4


Given the need to ensure a high-quality principal in every Chicago public school, The Fund made investments in the CPS principal placement process. Our efforts are largely focused on two areas: candidate support and Local School Council (LSC) support.

The Chicago principal selection process can be difficult to navigate for both aspiring principal candidates and LSC members.  To help ensure clear information flows, The Fund supported the creation of a web-based portal where candidates who have passed the CPS principal eligibility process can upload their resumes and profiles, and where LSC members can search, filter and review these profiles, identifying potential candidates.

In addition, we conducted a series of interviews with Local School Councils (LSCs) that had recently hired a principal, identifying overall capacity needs. Based on these interviews, we identified a set of hiring consultants – individuals with extensive Chicago community and educational experience, who can serve as on-demand support for LSCs undergoing principal selection.


  • Online profile book of principal candidates created, which received more than 10,000 pageviews in its first three months.