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The Fund’s grants make a measurable, positive impact on Chicago’s public schools and the students they serve.


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Since 2002, nearly all of Chicago’s principals and 10 percent of the city’s teachers have directly benefited from a Fund-related program. Over that same period, talented principals have led educators to narrow the achievement gap between Chicago’s elementary school students and their Illinois peers. The growing number of strong educators in our schools means tens of thousands of our students are better prepared for success in our global economy.

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Amount: $638,000

Year: 2018-Present

The South Side Education Alliance (SSEA) aims to coordinate layered supports to enable accelerated school improvement in CPS Networks 9 and 12. SSEA delivers multiple supports in a single package, including instructional leadership, trauma-informed practice, family and community engagement, time management and teacher development.

Amount: $200,000

Year: 2017-2019

The Fund is working with select Network Chiefs to professional development for groups of principals in their Networks.

Amount: $3,700,000

Year: 2013-Present

The Summer Design Program (SDP) helps educators create and implement innovations that transform student learning in their classrooms.

Amount: $700,000

Year: 2016-Present

In order to provide principals with time and space to share best practices, The Fund supports principal-led learning communities.

Amount: $1,600,000

Year: 2014-Present

The Chicago Principals Fellowship is a 12-month program that serves some of the district's top-performing principals.

Amount: $506,526

Year: 2016-Present

The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Public School Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University, is a national fellowship for principals from New York City, Chicago and Newark, NJ.

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