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As a leader of principal quality efforts in Chicago, The Fund publishes several reports and case studies each year. Our School Leadership Reports leverage data and insights from our annual Principal Engagement Survey to influence policies that impact principal satisfaction, retention and effectiveness. Through our Voices from the Field reports, The Fund profiles principals and policies important to their success.

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Successful Budgeting Practices of Principals in Chicago Public Schools
  • Type: School Funding,
  • Year: 2020,

In Chicago, principals are charged with creating school budgets that meet the needs(...)

Equity and School Funding in Chicago Public Schools
  • Type: School Funding,
  • Year: 2019,

Chicago Public Schools has only 66% of the funding it needs to adequately(...)

Accelerating Excellence: Investing in Chicago’s School Leaders
  • Type: Fund Overview,
  • Year: 2019,

Behind every one of Chicago’s excellent schools is a dedicated principal. Learn more(...)

2018-19 Chicago Principals Overview
  • Type: Progress Report,
  • Year: 2019,

The 2018-19 Chicago Principals Overview is our third annual report on the state(...)

2017 Progress Report
  • Type: Progress Report,
  • Year: 2017,

The 2017 Progress Report is an interactive analysis that profiles Chicago’s public school(...)

Profiles in School Leadership: Implementing Personalized Learning
  • Type: Reports in the Field,
  • Year: 2017,

Across Chicago, educators are designing and implementing solutions to help students reach their(...)

Invest in Chicago's Principals

Principals have an out-sized impact on their schools and communities. Any amount can make a difference.

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We aim to serve more than 600 principals and 360,000 students by 2023, with an emphasis on the schools that most need support.

Celebrate School Leaders

This October, school communities, city officials and corporate leaders will join together to lift up the great work of principals and their APs.